Frequently Asked Questions

How can I register my school?

You can register your school from the dedicated page. Fill in the form with as many details as you can, and someone from our team will follow up with you. Please note that the process might be slightly longer if you want to register a private school. It usually takes 1-2 weeks to process your application.

What does the contact teacher do?

The role of the contact teacher is to coordinate Generation Global activities in the school, keeping teachers informed of the programme’s developments, managing the communications and inviting colleagues to the website. If the contact teacher at your school is no longer active, please contact us or your country coordinator to update this information. The contact teacher is displayed on the school's profile on the site, and is usually the person that registered the school in the first place.

I am the contact teacher. How can I invite my colleagues?

To invite your colleagues on the site, log in and click on your name on the top right of the page. Then select My School. You will see a section called "Invite other teachers from your school", there you will be able to enter your colleagues' emails and invite them. They will receive an email with a link to proceed with the registration. Once they've completed the registration, you will need to approve their account from your Dashboard. When there are accounts to approve, a new section called "Review new profiles" will appear. You can also watch this YouTube video.

How can I invite my students on the site?

Once your teacher account is approved (either by the Generation Global team if you are registering the school for the first time, or by the contact teacher at your school if it is already registered), you will be able to invite your students. To do that, head over to the Dashboard and select or create a new class. A class code should appear. Give that code to your students, and they will be able to register clicking on the button "Already have a code? Sign up now", available in the home page. Remember that before they are able to login, you will need to approve their accounts from the Dashboard. When there are accounts to approve, a section "Review new profiles" will appear in your Dashboard.