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Discover an exciting journey of learning and exploration with the Generation Global mobile app. Designed specifically for young people aged 13-17, it offers a safe and moderated online global community where learners can connect with global peers and develop the core skills of dialogue.

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Join a global community of over 68,100 young people from 40+ countries 🌎
2455 are already participating from the United States πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ

Generation Global is more than just an app for young people: it's a passport to intercultural connections, a gateway to expanding perspectives, and a key to learning the art of dialogue. Dive into a world of fun and interactive activities that foster critical thinking, active listening, global communication, questioning, and reflection.

Earn badges, certificates, and collect points as you progress on your dialogue adventure, unlocking new levels of knowledge and understanding.

The skills you acquire through this interactive experience will empower you to apply dialogue techniques in real-life situations, equipping you with invaluable tools for work and life.

As you explore diverse global topics, such as Climate Change, Fake News and Social Media, Hate Speech Online, Identity and Belonging, the Rights of Girls and Women, and many more, you will be able to share your perspectives and learn from thousands of international peers in live Video Conferences and Dialogue Spaces. Prepare to broaden your horizons and gain fresh insights into the world around you.

Real time notifications

Receive in-app and push notifications about replies received, achievements unlocked, upcoming video conferences and much more!

Real time notifications

Offline mode

Download topics on your device to complete them at your convenience, even when a connection is not available. You can also participate in Dialogue Spaces when offline, your posts will be synced when you come back online.

Offline mode

Sign Up with your Apple or Google account

No need to remember another password! Create your account signing in with your Apple or Google account for a seamless experience.

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Book Video Conferences

Participate in live facilitated encounters with learners from around the world to dialogue about global issues. Book and join video conference sessions directly from your smartphone!

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Engaging topics on global issues

Learn about global issues through videos, case studies and interactive content from a library of over 14+ topics linked with issues that interest you.

Engaging interactive topics

Participate in Dialogue Spaces

Engage in meaningful conversations in our social media like online communities to ask questions, think critically, and communicate with peers globally. Get notified when someone replies, making it easier to build dialogue threads.

Participate in Dialogue Spaces

Join Generation Global today and be part of an inclusive and vibrant community where young minds from all corners of the globe unite. Discover the power of dialogue, build intercultural connections, and embark on an unforgettable learning adventure.

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