Video Conferences

Generation Global's video conferences are a unique opportunity for students to engage in intercultural dialogue on complex social issues, improve communication skills, boost self-confidence, and develop critical thinking.

Video conferences are online encounters allowing young people from different backgrounds to engage, share perspectives, and learn from one another. Participants engage in dialogue on complex global and social issues including but not limited to Wealth and Poverty, Future of Work, Climate Change, and Identity and Belonging.

Sessions are:

Video conferences are available for both learners participating independently in the Ultimate Dialogue Adventure and for students participating with their educators enrolled in the Teacher Portal.

Generation Global has facilitated more than 5,700 video conferences since 2009.

Participants get the opportunity to practice the skills of dialogue that are central to the programme, including global communication, active listening, critical thinking, asking questions, and reflecting. Participants are required to complete the corresponding Ultimate Dialogue Adventure interactive topic before joining a video conference, to learn about the issue and contribute to the dialogue more effectively.

Generation Global's video conferences are a powerful tool in supporting young people's development into active and open-minded global citizens. They offer a unique opportunity for cross-cultural learning, emphasising the importance of understanding each other in today's interconnected world.

Participation is free! Educators can book video conferences signing up to the Teacher Portal, and young people can participate by signing up to the Ultimate Dialogue Adventure.