Who we are

Generation Global is the Tony Blair Institute's global citizenship education programme for young people ages 13 to 17-years that enables them to embrace the future, equipped with the knowledge, skills, and attitudes to become active, open-minded, and global citizens.

Our goal

Young people are open-minded global citizens who leverage intercultural dialogue to engage with diversity and navigate global challenges.

Our values


Just and fair access for all young people to participate in our programme.


Young people with disabilities have access to enjoy and participate in our programme.


Disadvantaged young people have equal access, voice and agency in our programme.


We strive for our work to bring sustained benefits to youth of today and the future.

Our Theory of Change

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Dialogue is an encounter where participants learn from one another to better understand each other's values, perspectives, experiences and beliefs. It is aimed at creating a safe, brave and inclusive space. It is reciprocal and acknowledges similarities and differences.

Global Citizenship

A global citizen is open-minded and understands the complexities of an interconnected world. They value diversity of perspectives, beliefs and cultures and take an active role to promote inclusion, equality and sustainability.


Open-mindedness is the capacity to be open and unprejudiced when encountering difference and learning about the lives, values and beliefs of others. It is being confident to share, listen with an 'open heart' and make others feel safe.


Culture is a frame of reference for interpreting the world. It is defined by a way of life, values, beliefs, and language. It is shared by a group of people, can change over time, it is created and learned and can be influenced by a variety of factors.


Identity is the way in which individuals define a sense of self. It is a collection of components and characteristics that are fluid, complex, and intersectional and are continually influenced by society and culture.

Our team

We are a global team of dedicated and diverse individuals who are passionate about the power of dialogue in transforming the lives of young people to become active, open-minded and global citizens. Meet the team »

Our impact

The Generation Global programme has been running since 2009. It has supported over 600,000 young people and trained over 15,000 teachers from more than 40 countries in the skills of intercultural dialogue. Read more »