Educator Resources

A collection of teaching resources developed by Generation Global.
To access all of our teaching materials, create an account on our Teacher Portal.

Educator Materials

A collection of downloadable guides and curriculum that provide dialogue skills building activities, lesson plans and information resources to teach about specific global issues and topics.

Teacher Portal

An online platform for educators to access resources, book video conferences, and participate in professional development training to teach and develop the skills of dialogue in their learning communities. The platform also serves as a Learning Management System allowing educators to create and manage groups of learners enrolled in the Ultimate Dialogue Adventure.

Ultimate Dialogue Adventure

The Ultimate Dialogue Adventure is a free, interactive and inclusive online platform for young people to learn and practise the skills of dialogue. It is self-directed, and students can register themselves to complete topics, earn points and engage in dialogue with global peers. Educators should register on the Teacher Portal to invite learners to participate in the Ultimate Dialogue Adventure and use this resource in their learning communities.