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What is the Teacher Portal?

The Teacher Portal is a free platform for formal and non-formal educators to access the full range of Generation Global resources including materials and guides, our video conference booking schedule and professional development opportunities.

The Generation Global Teacher Portal is also a Learning Management System for educators to support student participation in the Ultimate Dialogue Adventure. Educators can enrol students in the learning journey, view their progress towards developing the skills of dialogue and assign topics about global issues for completion.

What can I do in the Teacher Portal?

Create classes and invite students

In order to book your students in video conferences or assign them topics to complete on the Ultimate Dialogue Adventure, you must "create a class" and link your students to your Teacher Dashboard. This will allow you to also see students progress including which topics they complete on the Ultimate Dialogue Adventure, how they are using the skills of dialogue in the Dialogue Spaces and the badges that they earn.

You can learn how to create a class by reading our dedicated support article.

Adding a class on the Teacher Portal
Book video conferences

Video Conferences are a unique opportunity for learners to engage in live dialogue online with peers from around the world to understand each other and learn about important global issues. These facilitated dialogues are 60-minutes long and are available throughout the year for different timezones, ages, topics and languages.

You can learn more about video conferences visiting our dedicated page.

Book a video conference
Assign topics for completion within the Ultimate Dialogue Adventure

Generation Global offers a variety of topics and support materials to prepare learners for dialoguing on a range of global issues. You can assign topics for your learners to complete on the Ultimate Dialogue Adventure that relate to what you are teaching about.

Assign topics
View group and individual students' progress

Follow your learners' progress on the Ultimate Dialogue Adventure by reviewing skills trackers and downloading class reports. Skills trackers show you an individual learner's data from your Teacher Dashboard. Class reports contain a list of learners you have registered in a class, a breakdown of the points they have earned in each skill, the list of topics they have completed and the number of video conferences they have joined.

With the skills trackers and class reports you can also:

  • assess an individual learner's or an entire group's progress in the Ultimate Dialogue Adventure
  • determine which skills learners use the most and need to work on
  • use this information to decide which activities you will implement going forward to support your learners in developing the skills of dialogue
Skills tracker
Download materials and guides for teaching the skills of dialogue and global issues

Access a collection of downloadable guides and curriculum that provide dialogue skills building activities, lesson plans and information resources to teach about specific global issues and topics in multiple languages.

Download materials
Access professional development opportunities

Introduction to Dialogue CourseGeneration Global offers professional development opportunities for educators all over the world to support their learners in developing the knowledge, skills and attitudes for intercultural dialogue and global citizenship. The Teacher Portal provides quick access to register and complete a series of courses and events online that increase educators abilities to bring dialogue into their learning communities.

Enter your Teacher Dashboard and explore all available opportunities in the card "Professional Development".

How do I join?

You can create an account for free by clicking on the button below.