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Young people will shape the future
Generation Global prepares your students, giving them the skills and experience they need to become open-minded global citizens. Since 2009, more than 550,000 young people have participated in the programme in over 30 countries.
Platform for students

The Ultimate Dialogue Adventure

Join this online adventure to learn the skills of dialogue, explore different perspectives and global topics, and build intercultural connections with young people all over the world! Through this fun and interactive game you will:

  • Be awarded badges for completing learning on different topics
  • Earn points on your way to becoming a dialogue master
  • Discover ways you can use dialogue in real life with global peers
Platform for teachers

Access to classroom resources

Explore resources, tools, and trainings to teach and develop the skills and competencies of dialogue in your learning community. Apply here to be part of the Generation Global network and receive access to:

  • Downloadable classroom materials, including the Essentials of Dialogue
  • Video-conference time with classrooms all over the globe
  • Opportunities for teacher trainings and professional development
We are active in over 30 countries, including some of the most challenging regions.
Access is limited to teachers and students, and every interaction is monitored and moderated.
Supporting You
Our support team is here to help you get the most out of the programme.
We offer Generation Global free of charge, with no subscription or setup fees.

Navigating difference through dialogue

Dialogue is at the heart of the programme. With Generation Global, teachers can transport their classes across the world in a single afternoon. Online and through videoconferences, students interact directly with their peers around the world, engaging in dialogue around issues of culture, identity, beliefs, values, and attitudes.

  • [The programme] gave me a safe place to explore my curiosity about other cultures. It made me realise that in the end, religion isn't as scary a topic as everyone makes it out to be. More importantly, it gave me hope for a more peaceful world.

    Student, India

  • Pakistan and India have a history of war but we, the young people, are creating the history of peace through [the programme]. We are becoming friends across two boundaries.

    Student, Pakistan

  • I observed friendships between citizens of countries between which there are active conflicts. That convinced me that most of the world desire peace, and that if you want to talk with people who want peace, just join the [Generation Global] project.

    Student, Israel

  • They felt awesome at the end of the videoconference, when they found out they could be persuasive and change for a moment the opinion of their peers in the US towards Egyptians. There were some very challenging questions which allowed my students to discover themselves more than ever.

    Teacher, Egypt

How the program runs in your country

Generation Global works in many different countries. Click on the flags below to read our stories from these countries. If you are in another country, and are interested in finding out more, or getting involved, please get in touch.

We are helping to equip the next generation of Egyptians with skills to deal with diversity, both within their community and globally. Students have connected in both English and Arabic with USA, Palestine, India, amongst others.
"A great educational programme for our students, which is not only academic but fun as well. My students are enjoying so much exchanging their thoughts and ideas with students all over the world. It is encouraging them to voice their opinion and be praised for it." – Teacher, Egypt
"I am so happy to learn that we will reconnect with our friends in Israel. Dialoguing in different topics about our communities will open more windows to getting to know each other and bond over our similarities and understand that it is only normal to have differences among us." – Student, Egypt

Students from private schools, government schools, Islamic centres, United Nations Relief and Works Agency schools, and in Syrian refugee camps have all taken part in Generation Global. Students have connected in both English and Arabic with the UK, USA, Palestine, United Arab Emirates, Egypt, Indonesia, Philippines and others. Participants have reported increased confidence, respect, and tolerance as a result of the programme.

"I like Generation Global… I learned it is important to express myself, I am part of community but I am important as individual. I had to have my own opinion that I build by myself, and it is ok to have a different point of view other than them." – Student, Jordan
"Generation Global for me was one of the most memorable experiences I had in high school. It’s not every day you are presented with the chance to interact with people from all over the world. Here in Jordan there isn’t much diversity so it’s a rare chance to be able to meet new people. Throughout Generation Global, my class mates and I were able to swap ideology and life experiences with people from all over the world." – Student, Jordan
United Arab Emirates

The United Arab Emirates have a variety of cultures and traditions. Generation Global works with a network of schools, where students take part in as many videoconferences and team blogging experiences as possible. They have connected with countries such as the UK, Australia, Pakistan, Lebanon, India, Palestine, Canada, Italy, and the USA.

Taking part in Generation Global competitions has been a big part of the Generation Global story in the United Arab Emirates. Recently, a student won Generation Global’s blogging competition, and others have taken their learning out to their wider communities, for example holding events to mark UN Peace Day, Women’s Day, and Human Rights Day.

"The programme in our school has allowed the students to explore their natural curiosities about the world in which they live, and the different faiths that surround them. They are nurtured to ask questions and encouraged to communicate with a variety of students from other countries and faiths. The programme removes barriers and mistrust that can sometimes occur in a world at war, and leaves us all hopeful that through initiatives like this, we can one day cohabit peacefully."– Vice Principal, United Arab Emirates

Generation Global launched in India in 2009, and has been growing ever since. Over 200 schools are now involved in videoconferences and online dialogue with their global peers. Students and teachers have expressed how our programme has opened them up to new cultures and worldviews, and that they are learning about the world around them and themselves. Teachers report that stereotypes of other cultures, countries, and religions are being challenged via direct exposure to others during videoconferences.

In addition, teachers have said how their relationships with their students have improved as a result of the unique student and activity-centred pedagogy of the Generation Global course.

Amongst some of the most impactful videoconferences have been between Indian and Pakistani students, with students expressing how their connections can diffuse tensions between the neighbouring countries.

"I have undergone a tremendous change after becoming a part the programme. Apart from me now being more confident, it has helped me to change my mind set. My perception towards people has changed and I have become much more tolerant towards people around me. I must admit that the programme has encouraged me to speak and stand for my own belief, and also to listen to what others say." – Student, New Delhi
"The programme has elevated the level of confidence among students. They understand religion better. Their listening and speaking skills have been enhanced. They are looking forward to learn and share more." – Teacher, Rohini

Generation Global has been active in Mexico since 2011, as a core part of the development of global citizenship competencies.

More than 8,000 high school students have engaged in the programme, and we have trained over 300 teachers in using our resources and activities. Participants have learned the importance of promoting peace to help create more secure and stable societies.

United Kingdom

Generation Global has been used by teachers in England, Wales, Northern Ireland, and Scotland since 2009. The programme compliments multiple areas of the curriculum across the four home nations including British Values, SMSC, Citizenship & Global Citizenship, Religious (& Moral) Education, Humanities, Sustainability, Learning for Life & Work. Students from the UK have connected with their peers all over the world through facilitated videoconferences and online dialogue, helping them to understand the shared challenges of growing up in our globalized world, and learning how different their lives, cultures, and beliefs can be.

"The real benefit of the programme is the opportunity to interact with pupils in different cultures across the globe. Younger pupils were thrilled at being given the opportunity to speak to students in another country, to hear their stories and to compare their experiences of growing up in very different contexts. The videoconference in particular brought huge benefits to my pupils, helping them to broaden their understanding of the significance and complexities of faith and citizenship issues in another culture. The initial scepticism of some of my older pupils was blown away as a result of the thoughtful and engaging discussions that took place in their videoconference. Indeed, for one pupil the impact of the videoconference was life-changing, and his views of a particular culture were transformed as a direct result of talking to pupils about events in their own country." – Teacher, John Lyon School

See what teachers and students at a school in Devon have to say about their experiences of being in the programme: Building Resilience in the Classroom


Since 2010, Generation Global had been connecting Indonesian students with their peers from across the globe. In collaboration with the Indonesian National Commission for UNESCO, we have also trained teachers to work with our resources to gain maximum benefit from our programme.

"By communication with their peers from different part of the world to discuss global issues, the students learn to be tolerant and more understanding." – Teacher, Magelang
"This programme changed me so much. I got so many benefits from these activities. Such as, it opened my mind about other opinions, and how we communicate kindly, how to respond to opinion which has the opposite statement with us, and the most important is about respecting each other. These are so great. But, the biggest benefit from this programme for me is I learnt that we are unique and we still can be friends." – Student, Indonesia

Balochistan Province

Generation Global is the first programme of its kind to work in the Balochistan province, and has been there since 2013. Our resources have been translated into Urdu, enabling students to access the opportunities we provide. Students from participating schools have connected with young people from India, USA, Palestine, amongst others. They have reported feeling more open to diversity; and subsequently took part in a multi-faith community gathering, entering into dialogue about how they could work together to achieve peace.

"Now when we talk with them, Indian peoples, and other students, so now we understand what they are and what they want, and they want peace and we also want peace, this is fantastic!" – Student

Sindh Province

Generation Global has been supporting teachers and students across the province of Sindh since 2010. It has established a unique opportunity for reflective dialogue by Sindh students, and has helped to increase inter-cultural understanding. The programme engages with government, private, and foundation schools; and teachers incorporate Generation Global into courses on humanities, religious and cultural studies, and social studies. Students have used videoconferences and our online community to connect with their peers across the globe.

"When I share my experience of videoconferences and team blogging with my friends who are studying in other schools, they always ask me can we participate in Generation Global, and I feel proud that I am part of Generation Global." – Student, Hyderabad
"Generation Global has supported my school students to grow as responsible global citizens." – Teacher, Hyderabad
United States

Common Core Standards

We have mapped our programme against USA standards used for teaching and assessing the essential knowledge of students attending public schools for English Language Arts and Literacy in History and Social Studies. This demonstrates how and where Generation Global can help achieve these standards.

First Amendment Principles

Generation Global in the United States is an example of how our programme can be adapted to diverse contexts, as it trains teachers on how to prepare students for participation in the programme using First Amendment principles, including human rights and civic responsibilities. Direct interaction with students in other countries reinforces the civic values learned in the classroom, and brings them to life.

Endorsed by the National Council for the Social Studies

Generation Global has received an official endorsement from the National Council for the Social Studies (NCSS). We believe our schools programme can be a vital part of social studies teaching and we are delighted to get the support of the NCSS.


Taking one of our webinars is a great way to get an overview of the programme.

For Students

Learn how to use our program as a student club with this resource.


Generation Global is the lead dialogue programme in Israel, connecting middle and high school students from over 30 schools, including public and private, Jewish religious, and secular schools. Druze, Christian, and Muslim students connect with peers from countries including Indonesia, Egypt, India, the UK, and others. They meet on our online learning community and hold facilitated videoconferences to share their views, and gain exposure to the lives of other students and cultures.

"It is very interesting to see how Muslims and Christians get along in the same school, if only we could have this here too!" – Student, Israel
"When is the next videoconference? I didn’t imagine how much I could learn from one hour of talking." – Student, Israel

Generation Global seeks to contribute to understanding both between different Filipino communities, and between young people globally. For example, the programme has connected students in the Catholic majority area of Manila and the Muslim majority Mindanao region.

"Deliberately teaching students the skills to dialogue will help create a strong constituency that expresses, sees, and reaches out to persons of different cultural practices and faiths. I endorse this free resource for use, especially by schools in the Philippines as it can help create a culture of encounter and understanding – seedbeds of voices for peace." – Undersecretary, Office of the Presidential Adviser on the Peace Process

Working with the Ministry of Education, Universities and Research, we have supported the implementation of Generation Global in Italian public schools since 2011. Over 40 schools in Italy participate in the programme itself, whilst many more use our approach of engaging with difference through dialogue.

Our Memorandum of Understanding with the Italian government builds on the work of the ministry-funded Rete Dialogues, a group of Italian schools following Generation Global. Rete Dialogues provides opportunities for teachers to learn how to use different methods of teaching dialogue, increases schools’ access to the programme, and enhances the work and reach of the network.

"The writing and commenting was received with great enthusiasm. In particular, during school hours I was able to observe their great naturalness, immediacy, and spontaneity. Even those who tend to be more immature in their learning, often excessively synthetic in their writings which often lead to simplification, instead showed "desire to tell" their stories." – Teacher, Rete Dialogues
"I really could not get the point of preparing ourselves for a videoconference, where in the end all you need to do is talk. I was wrong. Nothing that we did during these lessons was easy. Not at all. When I first tried to speak, in front of my class and the teacher, about me - something which I had not studied for, and that I had never spoken about before, it was strange and difficult and my face was so red. Going on with the year I started to feel a bit more confident. I am amazed by the progress we all have made, and I am satisfied to have learned that dialogue and being able to talk to people is a thing we should never underestimate. Communication has an incredible power; the problem is we are not conscious of it. To finish, I really want to say thank you for this wonderful opportunity!" – Student, Turin

We have been active in Ukraine since 2012, and over 200 Ukrainian schools have joined the Generation Global network, connecting thousands of students in dialogue. The program contributes towards educators' and Government's efforts to implement the New Ukrainian School reform, which is student-centred and has dialogue at its foundation. Generation Global offers opportunities in English and Ukrainian for students across the country supporting them to enhance their critical thinking and communication skills, and intercultural studies.

"As a teacher, I see a lot of positive changes in my student’s behavior. They have become more tolerant toward each other and they look at the world around them more positively. They have developed a great degree of empathy and the video conferences offer students a good opportunity to develop essential critical thinking and communication skills." – Teacher, Specialized Secondary School # 14, Kropyvnytskyi City
"Now, I read differently due to Generation Global blogging. I analyze and compare any information I am exposed to. It has strengthen my self-esteem and it makes me believe I am also important in the world because I take part in the dialogue with peers from many countries!" – Student, Odessa Gymnasium # 2

Teachers across the country are supported by methodologists to disseminate the pedagogy of dialogue in different regions. As a methodologist from the Poltava region wrote “this is how the programme changes our community and attitudes. [...] It helps young people to move toward adulthood with confidence and keen to make our world a better place – more tolerant and kind.”


In 2020, a new partnership between Generation Global and the Department of Education of the Northern Territory, seeks to use a dialogical approach to support schools implementing the Australian General Capabilities framework. This will allow students to apply knowledge and skills confidently and effectively in complex and changing circumstances, in their learning at school and in their lives outside school.

Our main focus of work is teacher’s professional development and later on offering dialogue opportunities for students to practice dialogue skills within the classroom and with global peers.

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