Educator Advisory Group

The Educator Advisory Group invites teachers from all over the world to advise Generation Global on creative ways to help young people engage in dialogue with each other and become active global citizens.

What is the Educator Advisory Group?

The Educator Advisory Group is a council of teachers volunteering from all over the world to meet online twice over a year with Generation Global staff to provide feedback and advise on the development and improvement of the student programme and teacher trainings and resources.

This is your chance to apply to collaborate with us to improve the Generation Global experience for you and your colleagues around the world.

Why should I apply?

What are the requirements to participate?

What do I need to do?

  1. Complete the application to be part of the Educator Advisory Group during an open enrolment period
  2. Review the terms of participation and accept the invitation if selected
  3. Confirm your participation in the video meetings for the dates/times provided

How do I apply?

Applications open in March and Generation Global selects new educators each year to provide a fair opportunity for everyone's voice to be heard.

Click on the button below to complete your application.

Applications open: March 2024
Applications close: 28 April 2024