How it works

With Generation Global, you can give your students the skills and experience to flourish in a interconnected and complex world. It is designed for 12-17 year olds and is active in more than 20 countries around the world.

Students' experience

Learning the skills of dialogue

Many students are well equipped to take part in discussion and debate, but meaningful dialogue on difficult issues requires proper preparation. Students learn and practise the skills of dialogue in the classroom before engaging in dialogue through videoconferences or online.

Connecting through videoconferences

Videoconferences immerse students in an entirely new experience. We connect classrooms across the world, allowing students to explore, articulate, and develop their own views, while encountering and considering the views of others. It is a safe space, with a trained facilitator to manage the flow of the discussion.

Connecting online

The online community is an innovative tool that encourages dialogue. Students work in small groups, filled with students from around the world, sharing their views and engaging in dialogue on prearranged topics.

Support for teachers

  • Teachers can track their students’ online activity
  • Easy to download teaching resources
  • Calendar of upcoming Team Topics and Videoconferences
  • Teachers can also monitor students’ dialogue level


We provide an intuitive toolset which supports you though the process of preparing and evaluating your students. Our online learning community provides a simple overview of students’ activities, allows the booking of team activities, and helps to manage workflow.


Working with specialists, we have developed flexible teaching modules that can be incorporated into existing curricula, and that suit a range of educational systems. We provide straightforward and simple classroom activities that help students to approach diversity in an open-minded way, and to learn the skills of dialogue.


Workshops provide in-depth expert training, whilst professional development videoconferences give teachers the opportunity to share their experiences and good practice. Our dedicated Generation Global team will help you with online enquiries, and a number of helpdesks, including one in Arabic.

Register your school

There is no charge or cost involved in the programme.
Apply here if you are interested in teaching Generation Global, a member of the team will be in touch with you shortly to discuss your application.

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