Countering Narratives of Hate During and After Coronavirus: New Tools for Teachers

Ian Jamison Cleo Blackman

To help build young people’s resilience to hate speech, our dialogue education programme, Generation Global, works with experts to produce briefing notes to help teachers understand narratives of hate. We have just launched two new ones – on Anti-Semitism and Anti-Muslim Hate. Knowing the themes that underpin these narratives means that teachers are better prepared to recognise them amongst students, when supporting them remotely and in school, and can feel confident to challenge them.

These briefing notes are the latest in a series that accompany our classroom resource, Dealing with Difficult Dialogue, which gives teachers practical, dialogue-based approaches for helping students to confront and overcome prejudice, develop critical thinking skills, and become more confident and comfortable in navigating diversity and difference. The first briefing note in the series explored Extremism, and religious extremism in particular.

Generation Global has also developed short modules for classroom use on The Power of Narrative (which gives teachers tools to teach their students how to critically analyse and think about the ways that narratives, particularly those of fake news, are created and used) and on Hate Speech (which gives teachers tools that help students with identifying, reporting, and standing up to hate speech when they encounter it in their communities or online).

While the lockdown continues and young people are being supported through distance learning, Generation Global is working to develop a new, self-supported, student pathway, to be launched in early June which will give young people the opportunity to work independently through many of our dialogue resources, as well as take part, in a safe and supported way, in dialogue with their global peers.

Download our new tools for educators on countering narratives of hate here:

This article originally appeared on the Tony Blair Institute site on 12 May 2020.