Generation Global Deepens Roots in Indonesia to Connect Young People to the World

Allegra Kartika, Former SEA Coordinator, Generation Global

In today’s interconnected world, fostering international dialogue and collaboration has become essential in addressing global challenges and promoting sustainable development. Recognising this need, the Subang regency, a region in West Java province, Indonesia took a momentous step on March 6, 2023, with the launch of Generation Global. This global educational programme of the Tony Blair Institute aims to equip young learners with the knowledge, skills, and attitudes necessary for a promising future through the power of intercultural dialogue.

Indonesia, with its diverse culture and rich heritage, is poised to embrace the transformative power of dialogue. While education in Indonesia has made significant progress, integrating global perspectives into the curriculum remains a vital challenge. However, with the launch of Generation Global, an exciting opportunity arises to bridge this gap and empower Indonesian students with a global mindset and skills.

Since its inception in Indonesia in 2011, Generation Global has rapidly gained momentum, reaching over 8000 young people and 450+ educators. Through the programme, students have been immersed in cross-cultural experiences, exchanging ideas with their peers from different countries and exploring global issues collaboratively. These experiences have nurtured their critical thinking and problem-solving skills, while fostering a profound sense of empathy and intercultural understanding.

The launch event in Subang marked a significant milestone in the journey of Generation Global. Led by the Subang Regency Education and Culture Office and driven by passionate educators like Leni Lesnawati, this initiative aims to equip young people and educators in the Subang regency with world-class tools and resources to make their classrooms truly global.

The success of Generation Global is not only attributed to the passionate students but also the dedicated educators who guided them along this transformative journey. Tuti Suryati, a teacher from SMPN 2 Subang, embraced the programme with open arms. She shared her experiences and newfound motivation to expand her global educational perspective, inspiring students to develop English-speaking skills, think critically about global issues, and share their unique experiences and perspectives. Tuti expressed deep gratitude to Generation Global and Leni Lesnawati for this life-changing opportunity.

Another remarkable educator, Yoga Rahayu from SMPN 4 Pabuaran, described the launch event as an extraordinary experience that filled her and her school with immense pride. Witnessing the impact of the programme on her students, she emphasised how Generation Global had ignited their passion for personal growth and motivated them to unleash their full potential.

As Generation Global takes root in Subang, Indonesia, the significance of international dialogue and collaboration in achieving sustainable development and world peace becomes even more apparent. With each empowered Indonesian youth and every inspired educator, a ripple of change spreads throughout the nation, fostering dialogue and embedding global citizenship in the teaching and learning process. This cultivates compassion, understanding, and collaboration, sowing the seeds for a brighter future.