'The World at My Fingertips' - A Glimpse Through the Eyes of Young People

Generation Global

To celebrate the launch of the Generation Global App, we launched a photo contest this November, inviting young individuals aged 13 to 17 to capture and share their perspective on what having access to the world means to them. We asked for a real-life photo or an artwork, and we received over 250 entries from young people from over 14 countries including South Korea, Armenia, Cyprus, Rwanda, and The Gambia.

Every submission stood out as a testament to creativity, providing inspiring glimpses into how diverse the theme can be interpreted. Without further ado, let’s celebrate the top three winners of this year’s photo contest, presented in no particular order.

Milena B., Armenia

“In my picture the phoenix, which symbolizes the rebirth of the mother planet, has organized a fancy ball. The ball represents life on the planet. The members of the ball are humans living in different parts of the world of different nationalities, races, religion and orientation. Each of them has only one ticket to the ball which means that they live only once. During the dance, which represents their actions, they should try to do their best to contribute to the ball and be remembered as long as possible.”

Ashwin S.K., India

“My painting connects to “the world at your fingertips” by evoking a sense that the global environmental crisis is within reach, requiring our immediate attention. It signifies that awareness and action are accessible to us, as the pressing issue of climate change is visually communicated through art. The message is clear: the world’s challenges are right in front of us, and it’s up to us to act with urgency and responsibility to save our oceans from climate change.”

Shiva S., UAE

“In the quiet corridors of education, a bond forms between a senior mentor and a bright-eyed junior learner. As they walk hand in hand, the echoes of shared stories and lessons resonate. ‘The World at Your Fingertips’ encapsulates the spirit of mentorship, where the journey of knowledge transcends academic boundaries, fostering a connection that reaches beyond the walls of a school corridor, echoing the timeless cycle of knowledge passed down from one generation to another.”

Once again, congratulations to all the winners!