Genuineness in Ingenious Posts

Dewi Leksono

I’m Dewi Leksono, the newest member to join Generation Global Alumni Moderator team, although my journey with the Ultimate Dialogue Adventure (UDA) began much earlier, during my first year in high school in West Java, Indonesia. An English class assignment turned into a gateway to a fascinating world where I could connect with individuals from various cultures, understanding their norms and beliefs. This platform wasn’t just about learning, it was about engaging in a dialogue that spanned continents, exploring the convergence of ideas and norms with peers from around the globe. Through the UDA, I found not just a platform for exchange but a valuable tool for improving knowledge, tolerance, and innovation.

The essence of Ultimate Dialogue Adventure, a youth platform of the Generation Global programme, serves as a unique space where authenticity is key. It’s where we learn from each other, sharing experiences, stories, and perspectives to forge genuine connections. Beyond being just a platform for me to practice English, it showed me how to cultivate meaningful dialogue and become fluent in the language of global citizenship!

In my time exploring the platform, I have noticed a tendency among some students to post merely for the sake of posting. Whether it’s to appear knowledgeable by using AI to generate content or copying facts directly from Google, the essence of genuine dialogue sometimes gets lost. While AI can be a useful tool for generating information, it falls short of capturing the nuances of human emotion and personal experience. Through my attempts to use AI in crafting posts, I learned that it operates more as a tool for gathering information rather than for creating genuine connections. Humans, with our capacity for empathy and understanding, are naturally better equipped to build meaningful interactions.

Growing up in Indonesia, there’s something in the society that appreciates us more for being a walking encyclopedia rather than synthesising our own analysis based on that encyclopedia. So, I understand how students would choose to post facts because it might be what people appreciate or what the teacher wanted. We are often driven to sound “ingenious”, focusing on presenting facts rather than sharing our own unique insights.

As a student, I too strived for perfection in my posts, seeking to align with what was deemed “correct” or “intelligent.” However, I have come to realise that this approach made my contributions seem robotic and impersonal, lacking the depth and authenticity that stimulate engaging discussions. Genuine dialogue is rooted in sharing our personal thoughts and experiences which provides a richer, more fulfilling exchange.

True engagement on the UDA comes from sharing our authentic selves. When we move beyond just stating facts to sharing our personal experiences and views, we open the door to deeper, more meaningful connections. Imagine discussing a topic like geography; simply stating facts about a place might not invite much engagement. However, sharing personal experiences or unique perspectives can turn a simple exchange into a vibrant dialogue, inviting others to share, agree, or even disagree, thus enriching the conversation.

Cultivating a Community of Genuine Dialogue

As we continue our journey with the UDA, let’s embrace the beauty of sharing our genuine selves. By infusing our posts with our unique perspectives and experiences, we not only enhance our own learning experience but also contribute to a more interconnected and understanding global community.

I encourage all of you to share your journey toward genuineness in your posts. How have your contributions evolved? How has embracing your authentic voice impacted your interactions on UDA? Let’s continue to learn from each other, growing together in this global dialogue adventure.