Embracing every learner: bridging worlds through dialogue

Lorenzo Raffio

Since 2009, Generation Global has been at the forefront of global citizenship education, empowering young people to connect and learn from one another. Our programme empowers learners worldwide to engage in meaningful dialogue, equipping them with knowledge, skills, and attitudes to become active and open-minded global citizens.

With learners and educators from over 5,000 schools in more than 100 countries engaging with the Ultimate Dialogue Adventure and Teacher Portal, our resources are designed to fit a wide range of educational settings. From public schools nestled in bustling cities to remote village classrooms, from private educational establishments to after-school and language-learning clubs, this diversity underscores our belief that every young learner deserves the chance to become an active global citizen, regardless of their learning environment.

Educators in varied settings find unique ways to leverage Generation Global’s resources, showing how flexible the programme can be.

Integration in the curriculum

Institutions like Tecnologico de Monterrey in Mexico have seamlessly integrated Generation Global into their curriculum, embedding our interactive topics within their Multicultural programme. This not only enriches their educational offering but also equips their students with critical global citizenship skills through participation in our video conferences.

Students in Kota Malang In Indonesia, Generation Global can easily be integrated with the national curriculum through the Pancasila Student Profile. The Student Profile encompasses six main dimensions such as Global Diversity, Collaboration, and Critical Reasoning, each fostering key skills, attitudes, and values. Generation Global’s 5 core skills of dialogue align nicely with the Student Profile. An example of this integration is MTsN 1 Kota Malang, a school in East Java, which has been using Generation Global for both intra- as well as extracurricular activities.

At the same time, we see many schools using Generation Global in different ways: the flexibility of the programme allows each educational setting to personalise the experience, handpicking features that are most relevant to their learning objectives.

Offline engagement

For example, Wilson, an educator from Ghana, uses our offline materials - including the Essentials of Dialogue and Difficult Dialogue - to teach the skills of dialogue and conflict resolution to his learners.

CLC India In India, Creative Learning Centres (CLCs) affiliated with partner organisations from Children Believe India are using Generation Global to support learners in rural areas to develop important skills for work and life. These CLCs serve as after-school hubs and use innovative teaching methods to facilitate the learning of STEM subjects. The Centres leverage Generation Global’s offline resources to engage students in skill-building activities and volunteer facilitators guide children to hone their dialogue skills through participation in video conferences, enriching their overall learning journey.

Generation Global Clubs

GEMS Our Own English School badge In many schools around the world, Generation Global Clubs are becoming an integral part of school activities, offering learners a valuable opportunity to learn and practise dialogue skills and learn from peers from different countries. Alongside teaching global citizenship, these clubs foster student leadership through committee roles like President and Secretary, as seen in GEMS Our Own English High School Boys, UAE.

Schools like Gurukul the School in India actively involve parents to deepen understanding of the programme’s advantages and ensure a multi-stakeholder approach to the implementation.

Meanwhile, Sarabjit, an educator in Australia, leverages the Ultimate Dialogue Adventure and video conferences to provide a unique learning opportunity among students from varied backgrounds joining a Diversity Homework Club.

More ways to participate

The Ultimate Dialogue Adventure, Generation Global’s platform for young people, serves as more than just an academic tool; it’s a bridge to essential life skills. Several educators in Ukraine initially turned to Generation Global to enhance their students’ English proficiency. However, they quickly discovered the added value of nurturing global citizenship skills, underscoring the programme’s effectiveness and benefit.

Students in Kigali Our pilot programme in Kigali, Rwanda, involving a mix of public and private schools, illustrates our commitment to overcoming barriers and extending our reach. Despite challenges with internet access and technology, the enthusiasm from students participating in video conferences with global peers, highlighted the transformative power of using dialogue to engage with learners from other countries, proving the uniqueness and effectiveness of our programme in bridging worlds.

Join us!

These examples highlight Generation Global’s adaptability and its aim to reach as many learners as possible. Whether integrating into a formal curriculum or complementing non-formal educational settings, our resources and tools are designed to meet educators’ and learners’ diverse needs and objectives. This inherent flexibility ensures that our programme remains relevant, engaging, and effective in various educational landscapes.

Generation Global’s journey since 2009 is a testament to the power of inclusive education in building bridges between diverse communities. By fostering understanding and dialogue among the world’s youth, we are preparing a new generation for a future where global citizenship skills are just an advantage, but a necessity.

We invite educators and institutions from all educational backgrounds to explore the transformative potential of Generation Global. Join us in our mission to empower young people worldwide with the knowledge, skills, and attitudes to thrive in a globalised world.