Educator Awards

Generation Global Educator Awards recognise participants in the programme who have demonstrated their commitment and achievements in embedding dialogue into their learning communities to support youth in becoming global citizens.

All educators registered on the Generation Global Teacher Portal who are actively engaged in the programme are invited to complete an application form in order to be recognised for the great work they are doing.

What is the award?

Awards are relative to different levels of programme participation.

Awarding criteria

Educators will be eligible for bronze, silver, and gold awards according to the evidence that they submit demonstrating the depth of participation and learning impact.

Award parameters

Bronze AwardBRONZE (Engagement)

Silver AwardSILVER (Beginning)

Gold AwardGOLD (Whole school)


Evidence of a class or youth group participating in dialogue with global peers and collectively demonstrating skills for Engagement.

Evidence of a class or youth group participating in regular dialogue with global peers collectively demonstrating Engagement to Beginning skills.

A portfolio of evidence that demonstrates how dialogue and Generation Global resources are embedded into the learning community at large.

Indicators and criteria to demonstrate depth of participation

At least 25 learners registered on the Ultimate Dialogue Adventure.


Have completed at least 2 video conferences.

At least 50 learners have completed the Learning Dojo (introductory topic) and two additional topics.


At least 25 learners registered on the Ultimate Dialogue and have completed 4 video conferences on at least two different topics

At least 200 learners have completed the Learning Dojo (introductory topic) with three additional topics


Have completed 6 video conferences on at least three different topics

Indicators and Criteria to demonstrate learning impact

Evidence for engagement - average facilitator rating of Engagement or higher

Evidence for engagement to beginning to dialogue - average facilitator rating of Beginning or higher


Average of 100 XP per learner for the entire class

Any two pieces of evidence to demonstrate how Generation Global has positively impacted the school community:

  • Letter from head teacher
  • At least five learner reflections
  • At least two educator reflections
  • Evidence of social action linked with a Generation Global activity
  • Story of change

You can use the following Awards Criteria checklist to ensure you are submitting the correct evidence for the Award you are requesting.

How to apply?

Complete the Generation Global Educator Awards Application Form available at the bottom of this page.

Please note that all evidence submitted for the award should not be older than 12 months from the date of submission.


Timeline for 2024 is being revised.

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