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SDG 1: No Poverty

End poverty in all its forms everywhere

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Video Conferences

Schedule a live dialogue

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Tips and examples for aligning this SDG with your class:

Subject Activity ideas


Analyse data sets within the Multidimensional Poverty Index from the United Nations Development Programme to compare and contrast with your own region. Then, book a video conference to dialogue about the impact of poverty in your own and other communities.


Explore the impact of poverty on the brain and what influences this can have on an individual, society, and community. Host a dialogue with learners to share how wealth and poverty shape and influence our own lives.

Social Science

Host a dialogue with learners to identify what are the most important areas of change they each want to see regarding poverty and why, then explore different models of economy and ways they help or hinder progress. (Use Ch.3 Activity 1 'Wealth and Communities' in the Generation Global resource)

Language Arts

Practice comprehension and active listening by asking learners to complete the topic on Wealth and Poverty in the Ultimate Dialogue Adventure. Have learners choose a post that one of their peers wrote in the dialogue space and write a follow up question to continue the dialogue. Revisit the post periodically to keep the dialogue going.

Personal Development

Support learners in developing self-awareness by using the agenda questions from the video conference to consider their own perspectives and beliefs about what wealth is and how they can contribute to building communities for all. Then, book a video conference and invite them to share with their global peers.

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