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SDG 10: Reduced Inequalities

Reduce inequality within and among countries

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Tips and examples for aligning this SDG with your class:

Subject Activity ideas


Quantify the impact of inequality on your own community using different tools (see this piece from the UN Strategy and Policy Analysis Unit) and dialogue with your learners about how these findings actually appear in real life.


Have learners complete the topic on "Rights and Inequalities" in the Ultimate Dialogue Adventure and relate this to your own lesson on Implicit Bias and the psychology behind judgement (you can use this video from PBS LearningMedia). Then, book a video conference to dialogue about what influences our perspectives, beliefs, and values.

Social Science

Examine the history of inequality from a local, national and/or global perspective then ask learners to participate in the Rights and Inequalities written Dialogue Space on the Ultimate Dialogue Adventure to explore their own experiences with inequality and how they work to create change.

Language Arts

Practice constructing meaningful questions free from assumption and bias to use in a dialogue about rights and inequalities using the ASKeR analysis activity from Generation Global.

Personal Development

Using the Identity Wheel activity from Generation Global, have students explore areas of their identity that are intersectional and impacted by rights and inequality to prepare for sharing in a video conference on the topic with global peers.

Additional external activities and resources:

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