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SDG 3: Good Health and Well-Being

Ensure healthy lives and promote well-being for all at all ages

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Tips and examples for aligning this SDG with your class:

Subject Activity ideas


Quantify the impact on humanity of addressing SDG 3 target areas using this video from the World Health Organization to calculate numbers. Host an in-class dialogue after doing calculations to explore the qualitative impact of addressing Good Health and Well-Being on students' own lives.


Have learners track their own healthy habits for 1-2 weeks and reflect on the choices they make for their own well-being and the good of their community. Book learners into a Health and Well-Being video conference to talk about what they have experienced regarding the topic.

Social Science

Ask learners to complete the topic on Health and Well-being in the Ultimate Dialogue Adventure and share their own personal story in the dialogue space. Share back in a group dialogue what they have learned from their peers in the written dialogue space. (Use WWW/EBI from the Essential of Dialogue to get learners talking about what went well in the online conversation.)

Language Arts

Ask learners to practice questioning in the Ultimate Dialogue Adventure topic for Health and Well-Being by creating a list of Five W’s questions to ask (What, Why, When, Where and Who). Have learners post questions in appropriate moments of the conversations and share back on how they used this within the topic.

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