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It’s the last newsletter of 2023, and we are sharing a feast of fantastic highlights from October to December that happened at Generation Global. From receiving 21st Century Learning Award at Bett Asia Awards 2023, to a very exciting partnership with International Baccalaureate (IB), to strengthening our educator’s community through Educator Dialogues, Meetups, and webinars, our community and team has been buzzing with eactivities. Thanks to your incredible support, we have reached 28,000 young people in more than 40 countries this year.

But hold on, there’s more - we have got the scoop on photo contest winners and a very relevant new topic ‘Future of work’ added to our youth portal. Did we mention our appearances at GESS Dubai and spreading values in Costa Rica?

So, grab your reading glasses because this newsletter is a ride you don’t want to miss. Oh, and there is a little surprise waiting for you and the young people you work with at the end.

As we wrap up 2023, the Generation Global team extends warm Season’s Greetings to you and your loved ones. May the holiday season fill your hearts with faith, hope, and peace. Here’s to more adventures in 2024!

Best wishes,

The Generation Global Team

What's New

Generation Global in the Spotlight at Bett Asia 2023

We are thrilled to announce that Generation Global has won the prestigious Bett Asia Awards 2023 in the 21st Century Learning category. This award is a testament to our dedication to transforming education and equipping students with the skills to thrive as global citizens.

The 21st Century Learning Award, one of the most competitive categories, acknowledges organisations effectively utilising EdTech to nurture students into independent and confident global citizens. We are immensely proud to have stood out in this category, showcasing the impact of our collective efforts and the excellence of our programme. Check out the official announcement here and watch the video here.

Introducing Intercultural Dialogue as part of the IB curriculum

Generation Global is thrilled to announce their partnership with the International Baccalaureate (IB). Together, we are revolutionising education by placing intercultural dialogue at the heart of learning. Our engaging activities for teaching dialogue, available on IB Exchange, empower educators globally to foster global-mindedness, empathy, and effective communication in their classrooms. This partnership is set to impact millions of students and thousands of schools worldwide, creating a ripple effect of positive change.

“The IB is pleased to collaborate with Generation Global to advance intercultural dialogue as an important part of the IB curriculum, fostering global-mindedness and empathy among our students. As this approach is shared with IB educators throughout the world it will undoubtedly enhance the tools available for skills development in the classroom,” said Olli-Pekka Heinonen, Director General at the International Baccalaureate. Read more about this partnership here and access the resources here.

First-ever Virtual Dialogues for Educators

On World Teachers’ Day, we hosted virtual dialogues, offering educators a chance to delve into the practice of dialogue. Through 60-minute video conferences, they connected globally, shared their teaching journeys, and reflected on key moments in their own learning experiences. With 100+ educators from 15+ countries across 6 time zones, it was a diverse exchange of stories and insights.

Lisa Petro, a facilitator shared, “Overall, teachers were happy to be in this shared space with each other and to have the opportunity to connect. Some stuck with the general questions and speaking about their own teaching philosophy while some wanted to know about the others and their educational systems. One young teacher from Qatar was interested to know how other schools worked, what they taught and what strategies they use for classroom management.”

Unlocking the Power of Dialogue in Social Sciences

In November, we hosted a special webinar for educators on ‘Unlocking the Power of Dialogue in Social Sciences’ with Angélica Santana Fierro. In this webinar, we shared best practices to transform the social sciences classroom with activities that use dialogue as a tool to unlock deeper understanding, foster inclusivity and promote diversity.

One of the participants expressed their gratitude, stating, “Thank you for the informative webinar, it was a pleasure joining in. Will definitely try to incorporate the suggested activities in my classrooms, specially talking moves.” If you missed the webinar, you could watch it here.

‘World at Your Fingertips’ Photo Contest

To celebrate the launch of our latest App, we launched a photo contest for young people aged 13 to 17 to capture and share what it looks like and means for them to have access to the world. We asked for a real-life photo or an artwork, and we received over 250 entries from young people from over 14 countries including South Korea, Armenia, Cyprus, Rwanda, and The Gambia.

The top three winners of this year’s photo contest are Milena B. (Armenia), Ashwin S.K. (India), and Shiva S. (UAE). Find the winning photos here.

Special Dialogues on Gender Equality in EdTech

In collaboration with Bett Asia, Generation Global organised Bett EdTech 10 Dialogues, an initiative aimed at facilitating impactful dialogues on gender equality in educational technology (EdTech) among young people aged 13-17.

In November, over 150 young people from India, Indonesia, Ghana, Ukraine, Thailand, Cyprus, and Jordan actively participated, sharing their perspectives, engaging in thoughtful dialogues about opportunities and challenges for women in EdTech. These dialogues provided a platform for free expression and enhanced communication and critical thinking skills among the participants.

Blogs and Events

Young People can now dialogue on-the-go!

Young people around the world are embracing the Generation Global App! Launched in September on Android and iOS, it offers young people aged 13-17 gamified learning on global topics linked with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). On the App, young people are earning points, certificates, and achieving milestones as they unlock new levels of knowledge and understanding. A student from Mexico shared: “I like the dialogue space on the App because it is like using social media on topics we learned. It is in a more useful way than what we can do on social media.”

Discover more about how this app can benefit the young people in your network, adhering to established educational standards. Read more here or watch the video here.

Generation Global Takes Center Stage at GESS Dubai

Lucy Hayter, Director of Generation Global, and Shruti Sharma, Partnerships, Marketing, and Communications Lead, took an active role at GESS Dubai, advocating for the transformative power of dialogue in education. From moderating engaging workshops to insightful armchair chats, they connected with inspiring organisations, schools, educators, and EdTech professional worldwide, all dedicated to reshaping the learning experience for students. Watch a short video here about our experience.

Promoting Values and Awareness in Costa Rica

Tree of Life International School in Costa Rica, home to 180 students from 30 diverse nations, is making waves with Generation Global. Led by Raquel Miranda, Social Awareness Consultant, and Florencia Morado, Educational Innovation Consultant, the school is leveraging Generation Global to connect its students with peers worldwide, fostering dialogue on pressing global issues.

Explore this blog to learn how they are utilising dialogue resources to nurture empathy, address global challenges, and empower students to stand up against hate.

Generation Global at the EdTech World Forum

Our director, Lucy Hayter, was invited to speak as a keynote speaker and panellist at the EdTech World Forum, where she discussed how Generation Global is equipping young people to be global citizens and explored, along with other panellists, how the introduction of new technology, such as AI, is bringing both opportunities and challenges to education systems.

Why I Believe in Global Citizenship Education

Embark on a journey with Holly, our former Programme Assistant at Generation Global, as she shares her personal insights into the transformative power of Global Citizenship Education. In her blog, Holly delves into how the programme equips young people with essential skills, nurtures critical thinking, and empowers them to be catalysts for positive change in society. Read her full perspective here.

Interesting Resources

New Topic Added: Future of Work

In a rapidly changing world influenced by technology and evolving societies, understanding work is more crucial than ever. The new ‘Future of Work’ topic will explore why people work, the significant role employment plays in economic growth, ongoing work trends, and essential skills that help young people prepare for success in the global workforce. Join our Teacher Portal to access this resource and encourage your learners to learn about this topic and engage in dialogue with peers through written and live dialogues.

Teach Something New: The Commonwealth Learners’ Competition

Our esteemed partner, the Commonwealth Education Trust, invites you and your learners to join their engaging Learners’ Competition. Encourage your learners to share their knowledge with peers worldwide on a topic they find important. It’s a fun, innovative way to inspire global learning! Get more details here.

Green Warrior Olympiad for your students

The Association of Indian Principals (AIP), in collaboration with CREST Olympiads and Water Bank Foundation Trust, is organising the Green Warrior Olympiad to ignite environmental passion in your students. This special initiatives allows them to delve into the realms of environmental conservation, fostering inventive solutions, and amplifying awareness about our planet’s pressing challenges. More information on the event may be found here.


“The programme has been a journey for me. As an educator I have seen the difference in my students and the impact the programme has made on them. Even though we were shy at first, I noticed that as we participated more our confidence grew and we opened up more and that all because of the way our thoughts are received in the programme that motivate us every time to come back and share more with everyone else.

It is amazing that one is not confined just to the UAE, but the programme allows you to spread your wings to the other parts of the world as well.”

Sheillie Chaudhary
Assistant Principal, GEMS Cambridge International School - UAE

“Through the dialogue sessions I have participated in, I have come to realise that it is not always about winning an argument. I have developed the attitude of accepting to hear others and understand where they are coming from. Through our individual different perspectives, we always come to a collective understanding of the best way to go.

I have also improved on my confidence level, and I was very happy to participate in the 5th Children’s Parliament of Ghana this year when the national World Children’s Day celebration was held in Tamale. I was part of the young parliamentarians, and I was delighted to speak to duty bearers on the effects of child labour. Before my participation in the Generation Global activities, I would have been timid and shy. But I am now confident in myself.”

Cedric, Student
Ghana, Africa

Watch out for

SDG Dialogue Series is coming back in January 2024!

Generation Global is coming back with the SDG Dialogue Series in January 2024. This series is designed for young people ages 13-17 to learn about the U.N. Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) through interactive learning activities and share their experiences with global peers through virtual dialogues.

Over a four-week period beginning January 22nd, participants will learn about SDG 3: Good Health and Well-Being, SDG 13: Climate Action, SDG 16: Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions, SDG 8: Decent Work and Economic Growth. Participants will earn a certificate when completing one or more topics or a special digital golden badge for completing all four SDGs. All details to sign up can be found here.

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