Generation Global Newsletter - Issue 2, 2024

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Welcome to our second action-packed newsletter of 2024! This edition is brimming with exciting updates as we share best practices, whether through engaging webinars, insightful blogs, or meaningful on-the-ground meetings with our community. You definitely don’t want to miss this!

In this edition, you will uncover our brand-new topic on Biodiversity and see how young minds are exploring the interconnectedness of our planet. Relive the magic of Earth Day with over 600 students from around the world sharing their climate change stories and catch the highlights from our dynamic webinar titled ‘Dialogue as a tool for understanding SDGs’. See how our school visits in India, Indonesia, UAE, and Rwanda are making waves.

But wait, there’s more! Dive into our latest blogs showcasing the incredible journeys of young people and educators transforming classrooms and communities globally. And join the celebration as Generation Global shines in the UNESCO annual report!

Let’s celebrate global citizenship and dialogue-driven learning together!

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The Generation Global Team

What's New

Dive into the world of biodiversity with our latest topic!

In our interconnected world, preserving Earth is crucial for both its well-being and humanity’s future. Through our new Biodiversity topic, young people will explore the interconnectedness of nature and why it’s essential to protect our planet. They will learn about the impact of human actions on the environment and discover practical ways to live more sustainably.

You can access this topic from your Teacher Dashboard.

Celebrated Earth Day with Engaging Dialogues!

This April, in celebration of Earth Day, we brought together 600 learners from 17 countries —including Afghanistan, Burkina Faso, Congo, Greece, Lebanon, and South Korea—for virtual dialogues on climate change. They shared firsthand experiences of its impacts in their communities and discussed proactive measures to combat this pressing issue.

One standout moment came from a student in Afghanistan who shared their reflections: “I asked about the experience of my peers from the climate change and almost all of them answered my question which was really sad because of the problems that are made by climate change around the world. In addition, the innovative actions that my peers and their communities have taken to stop climate crisis are all very inspiring.”

First Educator Meetup of 2024

In April, we organised a meetup for educators focused on ‘Innovation in the Classroom - Taking Learning to the Next Level!’ We delved into cutting-edge strategies, tools, and resources aimed at making learning more impactful and enjoyable.

A whopping 196 educators from 20 countries engaged in lively discussions, where they shared best practices and insights for creating dynamic learning environments. They exchanged insights on implementing these practices in their classrooms, fostering cross-learning opportunities. Each participant left with actionable tips to immediately enhance their teaching methods. If you missed out or want to join our next meetup, sign up here!

Dialogue as a tool for understanding SDGs 

In June, we hosted a special webinar with Angélica Santana, Education Specialist at Generation Global. Educators from around the world joined us to explore how dialogue helps students understand critical global issues, including the SDGs, and their relevance to their lives. The webinar shared practical strategies for integrating dialogue into teaching. 

Over 170 passionate educators from 22 countries participated. Catch up on the webinar recording and gain valuable insights to inspire dialogue-driven learning in your classroom.

Generation Global team on the move 

Throughout the second quarter, our coordinators in India, Indonesia, UAE, and Rwanda have been actively engaging schools with the Generation Global programme. 

We conducted workshops reaching over 500 students and 300+ educators, focusing on dialogue pedagogy and essential skills. Notable schools we visited include GEMS Our Own English High School and GEMS Cambridge International in Sharjah (UAE), Sri Seshaas International Public School (India), and SMPN 1 Cisalak, West Java (Indonesia).

Blogs and Events

What does it take to be a dialogue facilitator?

Step into the inspiring world of Wati Wardani, our esteemed Dialogue Facilitator from Indonesia. In her captivating blog, Wati reflects on her decade-long dedication to Generation Global and reveals the art of crafting meaningful dialogues in Indonesian classrooms. 

Dive into her blog to learn more about Wati’s incredible journey and her invaluable contributions to fostering dialogue-driven learning among students.

Generation Global steals the spotlight at global events

In this quarter, our Director, Lucy Hayter, captivated audiences at prestigious events including GESS Education in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the #SAASHOW hosted by EdTech Innovate in the UK. It was an incredible opportunity to showcase how dialogue pedagogy and skills are empowering young people worldwide as active global citizens, equipping them with the tools they need to shape a brighter future. Stay tuned for more exciting updates as Generation Global continues to make an impact on the global education stage.

Embracing every learner: bridging worlds through dialogue

Join Lorenzo Raffio, our Digital and MEAL Lead, as he delves into the innovative ways educators from bustling cities to remote villages are harnessing the power of Generation Global’s resources to empower learners in diverse settings. Learn about the transformative practices and insights into how dialogue serves as a bridge, connecting students and fostering understanding among students from all walks of life, here.

Discover the power of authentic dialogue with Dewi’s journey

Our latest blog post from Dewi, an alumnus of Generation Global from Indonesia, highlights the power of authentic dialogue. From her experiences as a student in West Java to her participation in the Ultimate Dialogue Adventure, Dewi sheds light on how genuine sharing strengthens our global community. Don’t miss her insightful reflections. Encourage young people you know to read and learn from her journey.

Interesting Resources

British Council endorses Introduction to Dialogue course
Generation Global and the British Council have joined forces to offer teachers essential professional development through the ‘Introduction to Dialogue’ course. This course equips educators with the skills and resources needed to enhance their teaching with effective dialogue tools. If you or someone you know is interested in fostering an inclusive learning environment centered around dialogue, check out the course.

Exciting new course from the Commonwealth Education Trust
Our partners at The Commonwealth Education Trust invite you to take the brand new TPD course, “Developing Students’ Independent Learning Skills.” This course will help you define independent learning, distinguish it from whole class learning, and discuss the benefits of students taking responsibility for their own learning. Part 1 of the course is free! Visit Teach2030 today to sign up!

Global Schools Program’s case study guide for education for sustainable development
This year, the Global Schools Program (GSP) launched a new case study guide designed to offer a detailed overview of Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) lessons, activities, and implementation strategies for educators, teachers, and school administrators. Check out this new resource that provides schools with detailed accounts of amazing teachers effectively integrating sustainability into school communities.


“Generation Global has given me the platform to use my voice to make a difference and raise awareness on a topic necessary to converse about. Not only was I able to share my experience and opinions regarding a subject that I am passionate about, but I was also given the privilege of hearing the views of opinionated children my age who, like me are eager to make a change for the better.”

Armeen, Learner

“Generation Global will increase students understanding of the world. Will also help us teachers, it can make us access new tools and resources and make our lessons more global.”


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